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  • 1200℃ large box atmosphere furnace


    Continuous Temp:

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    Product introduction:
        1200℃ large box atmosphere furnace has the characteristics of advanced and reasonable structure, fast heating, easy operation, etc.; it uses high-quality high-resistance heating wire as the heating element, and the aluminum oxide fiber produced by vacuum forming technology is used as the insulation material; the furnace body It adopts double-layer furnace shell structure, high-performance heat insulation materials, and is equipped with a cooling fan, so that the surface temperature of the furnace body is low, and high efficiency and energy saving are realized.

    Main application:
        1200℃ large box-type atmosphere furnace is suitable for high temperature sintering, metal annealing, new material development, organic matter ashing, and quality inspection in universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises. It is also suitable for military industry, electronics, medicine, Production and experiment of special materials, etc.

    Technical Parameters:

    product name 1200℃ large box atmosphere furnace
    Product number KJ-A1200-125LZ
    Shell structure Double-layer air-cooled structure, electrostatic spray
    Furnace size 500×500×500mm
    Maximum temperature 1200°C
    Operating temperature ≤1100℃
    Temperature uniformity ±5℃
    Furnace material Alumina refractory fiber
    Temperature control method Using PID controller, intelligent 30-segment programmable control
    Heating rate 0-15℃/min
    Heating element High quality alloy resistance wire
    Thermocouple K-type armored thermocouple
    Door opening method Sideways
    Inlet and outlet One air inlet, one air outlet (and vacuum pump suction port)
    Accessible atmosphere Inert gas such as nitrogen and argon (slightly positive pressure)
    Vacuum Mechanical pressure vacuum gauge can reach -0.1MPA
    Operating Voltage 380V 50HZ
    Maximum power approx. 27KW
    Delivery 1 pair of crucible tongs, 1 pair of high temperature gloves, 2m vacuum silicone tube
    Warranty 1 year warranty (except for vulnerable parts and man-made damage)


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