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  • Vacuum calcination cleaning furnace


    Continuous Temp:

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    Product description:
        The vacuum cleaning furnace consists of a vacuum furnace, furnace door, charging rack, stainless steel electric heating tube, waste collection device, water spray purification device, water ring vacuum pump, furnace door opening and closing reduction device (optional), and program temperature control System, waterway, airway, etc.
    1. The furnace is placed horizontally and the door is opened on the side. In order to facilitate transportation, the furnace body part and the furnace door bracket part can be a separate structure; the furnace door and the charging frame are connected as a whole, and the rollers run on the track in the furnace, which can facilitate the in and out of the workpiece.
    2. The opening and closing of the furnace door is divided into two types: manual and hand-operated (or electric); that is, a turbo speed reducer is installed in front of the furnace door, and a hand wheel (or reducer) is used to open and close the furnace door. Both methods can easily open and close the furnace door;
    Application range:
     It is suitable for the cleaning of spinnerets and filters (such as PP, PE, PET, ABS, PVC, etc.) of meltblown production lines in the non-woven industry (800 production line), and also suitable for polyester, nylon and composite ultra-fine component spinnerets, Cleaning of die head, distribution plate and filter.
    Technical Parameters:
    Product model:  KJ-YCRT-WZK-800
    Studio size : Φ600×1200 (Φ×H mm)
    Dimensions : 3000×1650×1700 (L×W×H mm)
    Design temperature : 600℃
    Working temperature : Normal temperature~500℃ (adjustable)
    Vacuum degree:  -0.085MPa
    Temperature uniformity:  ±2℃
    Temperature control accuracy:  ±1℃
    According to the process cleaning requirements of the vacuum cleaning furnace, the control system selects a high-precision digital display program temperature controller to automatically start the best process program parameters for PID adjustment and temperature control, with over-temperature, broken couple, low water pressure sound and light alarm functions, and The heating power can be cut off for protection
    Water consumption:  ≤100L/h
    Surface temperature rise:  ≤15℃ (except furnace cover)
    Working time:  ≤8h
    Total power : 20.45kw (furnace heating power 18kw + water ring vacuum pump motor power 2.45kw)
    More specifications can be customized according to requirements
    Vacuum calcination cleaning furnace

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