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  • Customized vacuum brazing furnace


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    I. Introduction
        KeJia vacuum brazing furnace equipment is high temperature heat treatment under vacuum (or other atmosphere) conditions, high temperature metal liner made of stainless steel, with molybdenum as a heating element, a water-cooled double vacuum chamber, Circulating water refrigeration system can be configured to cool the furnace body. This equipment combines vacuum/atmosphere and high-temperature heating, and is used in high-temperature brazing, sintering, tempering, annealing and other processes of stainless steel, copper, titanium alloy, cemented carbide, high-temperature alloy and other materials.

    2. Structure composition The
        vacuum brazing furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace cover, heating and heat preservation system, vacuum system, gas filling device, water cooling system, control system, etc.

    3. Main parameters and
    equipment form:             Periodic operation

    Heating form:                  Molybdenum belt heating element

    Furnace material:           metal heat shield

    Heating power:               <60KW (subject to actual power)

    Power supply voltage:   380V, three-phase, 50Hz

    Working size:                  500×400x400mm (length×width×height)

    Rated temperature:       1200℃

    Protective atmosphere: argon or high purity nitrogen

    Backing pump:               2X-70 mechanical rotary vane pump

    Roots pump:                   ZJP-300 Roots pump

    High vacuum pump:     TK-400 diffusion pump

    Ultimate vacuum:          6.67×10-3Pa (empty furnace, cold, purified)

    Vacuum gauge:              Digital display compound vacuum gauge
    Maximum temperature: 1500℃
    Constant temperature accuracy: ±1℃

    Monitoring thermocouple: A monitoring thermocouple is installed to monitor the temperature in the furnace

    This product has horizontal and vertical structures, and the furnace type can be customized according to user needs, and various non-standard vacuum brazing furnaces and vacuum sintering furnaces can also be customized according to user needs.

    vacuum brazing furnace
    vacuum brazing furnace


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