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  • Tube quenching furnace


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    Product Introduction:
         KJ-T1700-V tubular quenching furnace adopts silicon molybdenum rod as heating element, double-shell structure of vertical vacuum tubular quenching furnace, equipped with a corundum tube with a diameter of 80mm and a liquid sealed container for sample quenching . The device can quickly drop samples from high temperature environments (up to 1700 degrees) into ice water or oil in liquid containers during experiments, which is very suitable for laboratory research on phase change and microstructure properties of materials.
    Product Parameters:

    Furnace structure (1) Double-layer shell structure, and an air cooling system is installed to make the surface temperature of the shell less than 50℃
    (2) High-purity alumina fiber is used as the furnace insulation material, and the entire insulation layer is made of all-fiber material.
    (3) The instrument contains a corundum furnace tube and a set of stainless steel sealing flanges (a stainless steel needle valve and a mechanical pressure gauge have been installed on it).
    (4) The sealed liquid container is connected to an 80mm corundum tube through a gate valve, so that the sample falls into the liquid container without contamination.
    power Up to 7KW
    Input voltage Single phase AC220V 50Hz
    Long-term working temperature 800-1600 ℃
    Maximum working temperature 1700℃ <1 hour
    Maximum heating and
    cooling rate
    The temperature rise and fall rate below 1200°C is 5°C/min; the temperature rise and fall rate above 1200°C is 10°C/min
    Length of heating zone 300 mm
    Heating element U type silicon molybdenum rod
    Thermocouple Type B double platinum rhodium thermocouple
    Chiller Cool the flanges at both ends and protect the sealing ring
    Temperature Controller
    1. Using PID method to adjust the temperature, can set 30 steps of temperature rise and fall programs.
    2. Temperature control accuracy +/- 1 ℃
    3. With over-temperature and burnout protection, the electric furnace heating circuit will automatically cut off when over-temperature or burnout
    4. Instrument With the function of temperature self-tuning;
    Furnace tube Material: Corundum tube OD: 80 mm; ID: 70mm; length 1000 mm The
    instrument must be plugged before use to prevent heat radiation
    Vacuum sealed flanges and valves 1. A stainless steel sealing flange, hook device, ejection port and armored thermocouple interface are installed on the top of the
    furnace body ; 2. A plug-in valve and a mechanical pressure gauge are installed at the bottom of the furnace body;
    3. The bottom sealing flange Air inlet
    Quenching vessel
    1. A stainless steel box used to hold the quenching liquid is fixed at the bottom of the furnace tube;
    2. A large manual flapper valve is installed between the bottom of the furnace tube and the liquid box;
    3. A maximum capacity of 1000g is installed on the top of the flange sample hanging means;
    4 pushdown hanging means can be released to the quenching liquid sample cartridge;
    5 must be flushed prior to argon 5PSI manually open and release the sample tube is inserted bottom
    plate valve;
    Vacuum pump There is a set of stainless steel vacuum sealing flange in the standard configuration of the instrument, and stainless
    shut-off valves are installed at both the outlet and inlet ends . Vacuum degree: 10Pa (using mechanical pump); 10-3Pa (using molecular pump)

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