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What is a rotary kiln? What is it used for?

  Rotary kiln is a thermal equipment for calcining, roasting or drying granular and powdery materials by rotating. As a conventional kiln type, it has existed for hundreds of years, but they are all large or super large, mainly used in the primary rough processing of powder or mineral materials, such as the sintering and calcination of cement clinker; kaolin to prepare titanium dioxide, rare earth industrial processing, etc.
1. Equipment function:
It has the advantages of combustion system, strong technical power, accurate gas distribution, low burning loss rate, etc. It is mainly used for calcining cement clinker in the cement industry, and also used for calcining granular and powdery materials in the refractory and ceramic industries and in the above-mentioned industries. Drying of various raw materials. Widely used in the chemical industry for drying, dehydration and roasting materials.
Its function is to calcine materials, and the materials are also divided into multiple industries, such as: limestone, ceramsite sand, zinc oxide and other materials. After adding these materials, it is calcined at high temperature, and materials in various industries can be calcined.
2. Equipment structure:
It is an equipment formed by continuous improvement and innovation on the basis of traditional rotary kiln. Its main components are cylinder body, retaining wheel device, heating system, kiln head, sealing device, operation panel and control device, etc. In terms of its structure, we You can see its special advantages, so users also give it a very high evaluation.

Kejia Electric Furnace Rotary Drum Furnace can be rotated by gear, can be rotated 360 degrees, the rotation speed can be adjusted, it can be tilted, and the tilt angle can be adjusted. The rotary furnace adopts a double-layer shell structure and an intelligent program temperature control system, phase-shift triggering and thyristor control. The furnace is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber material. It has a vacuum device, which can be vacuumed through the atmosphere. The vacuum pump can be selected according to the vacuum degree required by customers. The furnace has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall rate, and energy saving.

Main purpose and scope of application:
This series of products is specially designed for the development of ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, new materials, special materials, building materials, metals, non-metals and other Special equipment developed for sintering, melting, analysis and production of chemical and physical materials.

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