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How to use Kejia electric furnace tube furnace?

  The KJ-T series tubular electric furnaces of Kejia Electric Furnace Company are all new electric furnaces with high performance and high energy saving, which are developed using technology. It has a full touch screen human-computer interaction operating system, accurate temperature control, and can be used by touch screen and remote operation. Simple operation, complete specifications, can be customized according to needs. Adopt advanced technology at home and abroad, energy saving and environmental protection. Temperature: 0-1700C. There are single-tube, double-tube, horizontal, openable, vertical, single-temperature zone, double-temperature zone, three-temperature zone and other tube furnace types.

According to the use requirements of the laboratory, intermittent manual loading and unloading are used for loading and unloading. When charging, place the material box on the material basin bracket, open and take out the sealing end cover at one end of the furnace tube, put it into the material box bracket with material box, install the sealing end cover on the furnace tube flange and tighten the clamp bolt.

Then, the process atmosphere is introduced until the oxygen content in the furnace tube reaches the process requirements for heating and sintering. After the sintering process of the product is completed, a small amount of the process atmosphere should be continued and the temperature should be lowered until the temperature in the furnace is lower than the process requirements, and then the sealed end cover of the furnace tube can be opened to take out the product.

Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace has long served domestic and foreign aerospace and military industries, scientific research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. With patented technology, CE certification. After-sales installation services can be provided, and friends from all over the world are welcome to visit and buy.

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