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Why do high temperature lab electric furnaces need to be maintained?

  Regarding the maintenance of high-temperature laboratory electric furnaces, many people may ask: Do high-temperature laboratory electric furnaces still need maintenance? How to maintain it. Today, Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed explanation of this issue.

As a scientific laboratory equipment, the high-temperature electric furnace is composed of many accessories, just like the cars we usually use. In our daily use, good usage habits and necessary maintenance can prolong the service life of high-temperature electric furnaces. Long service life will definitely reduce costs for all users.

Let's talk about how to maintain our high temperature laboratory electric furnace? Is there any way?
1. Do not use over temperature.
2. Regularly clean the dust or impurities in the furnace body and the furnace.
3. Do not use too much force to open and close the furnace door.
4. Regularly check whether the electric furnace circuit is aging.
5. Avoid hard objects hitting the shell of the electric furnace.
6. If the shell of the furnace body is peeled off, it should be repaired in time.
7. Always check the accuracy of the instrument.

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