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How to use tube furnace and tube furnace application?

  Tube furnaces are mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium battery anode and cathode materials, new energy, abrasive tools and other industries. Tube furnaces are not only easy to operate, but also easy to control. And it can be produced continuously. However, there are skills in using tube furnaces. Let's listen to the methods proposed by Kejia electric furnace engineers.

    The structure of the tube resistance furnace: the shape of the tube resistance furnace is a horizontal cylinder, which is placed on a base made of thin steel plate. The furnace shell is welded with thin steel plates, and the working chamber is a tubular furnace made of silicon carbide or alumina refractory materials. Furnace rings made of refractory materials at both ends of the furnace are fixed on the furnace cover. A thermal insulation layer is built between the furnace hearth and the furnace shell with aluminum silicate refractory fiber products and other materials.

Application range of tubular resistance furnace: tubular resistance furnace is used for heating in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research and other units for chemical analysis, physical measurement and thermocouple verification.

    The single-tube carbon fixing furnace uses silicon carbon rods as heating elements, and is used for heating when analyzing and measuring the carbon and sulfur content in ordinary steel or alloy steel. This series of tubular resistance furnaces is a periodic operation type electric furnace, which can be used for heating in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, laboratories and workshops for chemical analysis, physical measurement and thermocouple identification.

    How to use the tube electric furnace: The electric furnace operator should have the corresponding national electrical equipment operation qualifications, and be familiar with the technical documents such as the manual of the electric kiln random instrument! The user switches the board to send electricity to the electric furnace, at this time the program meter is powered, set the meter (such as P, I, D parameters) according to the temperature meter manual, compile the heating program according to the process requirements, turn on the heating knob, and make the heating power reach 6KW. The power can be calculated as follows: heating power = instrument voltage × instrument current Normal heating current is about: 22A, heating voltage is about: 220V. Heating stop: after the program temperature ends, the execution time = 0 segment program, and the heating ends. Turn the stop button to the off position.

    Disconnect the user switch. 1. The program setting temperature shall not be higher than the electric furnace parameter temperature. 2. When the electric furnace is working, do not open the furnace door. When taking the product, wait until the furnace temperature is below 100°C. 3. When heating up, the heating power should not exceed 6KW, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

    Safe use of tubular resistance furnaces: sound and light alarm devices and safety interlock protection devices are installed in key parts to ensure safety, and its equipment safety facilities meet the safety standards stipulated by the state, including:

    (1) Alarm and protection for over-temperature breakage; abnormal inflation; grounding protection; short-circuit protection, etc.

    (2) The heating can be started only when the furnace cover is tightly closed and the vacuum degree meets the requirements. According to the requirements of the laboratory, the loading and unloading adopts intermittent manual loading and unloading. When charging, place the material box on the material basin bracket, open and take out the sealing end cover at one end of the furnace tube, put it into the material box bracket with material box, install the sealing end cover on the furnace tube flange and tighten the clamp bolt.

    Then pass through the process atmosphere until the oxygen content in the furnace tube reaches the process requirements, and then heat up and sinter. After the sintering process of the product is completed, a small amount of the process atmosphere should be continued and the temperature should be lowered until the temperature in the furnace is lower than the process requirements, and then the sealed end cover of the furnace tube can be opened to take out the product.

Kejia tube furnace series are all new electric furnaces with high performance and high energy saving developed by international advanced technology. There are single-tube, double-tube, horizontal, openable, vertical, single-temperature zone, double-temperature zone, three-temperature zone and other tube furnace types. Can also accept customer customization, welcome to inquire.

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