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The most practical safe operating procedures for vacuum furnaces, you can use them right away!

Today, I have summarized the most practical safety operating procedures for vacuum furnaces, which can be used immediately. Let’s take a look at it together.
1. Scope of application:
This operating procedure specifies the general requirements for the operation of vacuum furnaces.
2. Personnel requirements:
Vacuum furnace operators must be trained in safety knowledge and professional knowledge, and pass the examination and obtain certificates before they can start operation.
3. Health and safety:
The operator should wear necessary labor protection equipment before operation.
4. Environment:
The working place of the vacuum furnace should be kept clean and tidy, and all passages should be kept unblocked.
vacuum furnaces
5. Equipment operation requirements:
5.1. Preliminary operation:
5.1.1. Check whether the water source, power source, and air source are normal;
5.1.2. Check whether each part of the furnace is in a normal state;
5.1.3. Check that the heat insulation and gas barrier valve should be closed;
5.1.4. The vacuum release valve should be closed;
5.1.5. Turn on the main switch of the water-cooling system and the shut-off valves of each cooling part, and check the drainage pipes to ensure that the water flows smoothly and that the water pressure is ≥0.3Mpa. When the furnace is working, the drain temperature should not exceed 40-50℃;
5.1.6. Check whether the protective atmosphere system is normal, and replace the air in the buffer tank in advance to achieve the required purity of the protective atmosphere;
5.1.7. Close the main power supply and check whether the indicators are normal.
5.2. Requirements at work:
5.2.1. When loading materials, ensure stability to prevent the workpiece from falling, and clean the seal ring of the furnace door with ethanol;
5.2.2 During the heating process, the changes of water pressure, water flow, and water temperature should be observed frequently. It is strictly forbidden to stop the water during normal operation. Once the water is stopped, the standby water supply system should be opened in time;
5.2.3. When the furnace is shut down, the heater is powered off and the cooling water continues to cool;
5.2.4. After the workpiece is out of the furnace, close the furnace door and manually vacuum to maintain the vacuum state in the furnace;
5.2.5. Clean the vacuum chamber regularly, run high-temperature furnace washing procedures, and be equipped with a vacuum cleaner;
5.2.6, according to the "maintenance cycle" schedule, regular maintenance.
5.2.7. Operate strictly in accordance with the operation manual.

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