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In 2021, Kejia clears inventory. In stock promotion...

The biggest discount event of the year is here! Kejia Furnace Co., Ltd. is now carrying out the most discounted spot promotion this year for standard furnace type box furnaces, tube furnaces and dental ziroania sintering furnaces. In order to give back to our old and new customers for their love and support.
The furnace types for promotion are:
Tube furnace below 1200C (standard size)

kejia furnace
If you are interested, please Do not miss, this is the biggest discount in a year. We will provide you with Free Parts, one-year quality assurance service and 24/7 global after-sales service support.
All promotional furnaces are available in stock from the factory, short delivery time, stocks for fast delivery. Impulse at the end of 2021, not for profit but for sales! Please seize the opportunity to buy!


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