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What is the difference between a tube furnace and a box furnace? Kejia electric furnace explains for

  The air tightness of the tube furnace is better than that of the muffle furnace. If the vacuum degree and air tightness are relatively high in the experiment, it is better to use the tube furnace. Generally speaking, the operation process of the muffle furnace is very simple. , In terms of temperature, the temperature of the two furnaces can normally reach 1700 degrees Celsius. The furnace size of the muffle furnace can be selected, which is more suitable for large-scale experiments. However, the tube diameter of the tube furnace is limited, which is more suitable for small experiment of.

The tube furnace has a programmable program segment, which can be programmed to control the temperature rise and fall. Compared with the muffle furnace, the heating temperature is higher and the price is relatively higher.

If we want to calcine the sample by protective gas in our experiment, we can choose a tube furnace, because the tube furnace can be programmed to heat up, but if it is calcined in air, the calcination will be incomplete and cannot be fully contacted with air; while the muffle furnace Although the temperature can be programmed, the muffle furnace can be fully contacted with air, and the calcination is also sufficient.

Kejia tube furnace has a full touch screen human-computer interaction operating system, and the temperature control is accurate. Kejia Electric Furnace Company has long served domestic and foreign aerospace and military enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, etc. The product specifications are complete and can be customized according to your requirements. We have more than 10 years of experience in R&D, production and sales, welcome to inquire.

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