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Kejia Furnace Company and Olympic athletes "cheer together"

Recently, an Olympic girl named "Yang Qian" maxed out the Internet and news. The 10m air rifle gold medal winner for China to win the first gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo World Olympics. It is also the lucky star who won two gold medals at the same time in the Olympic Games. However, what is unexpected is that this "post-90s" girl is actually a school bully. She comes from "Tsinghua University", the best university in China, and she has brought two gold medals to the Chinese Olympic Games in just one summer vacation. Surprised and proud of her. Yes, China is so powerful!
Tsinghua University is not only in China, but also famous all over the world. It is a base for training high-level talents and scientific and technological research in China. However, this university is also our long-term customer and partner. The chemistry and materials laboratory of Tsinghua University has always been a favorite of our company's laboratory furnace equipment. The use of rotary tube furnaces, box furnaces, and atmosphere furnaces has greatly helped them to deepen their research in the field of materials. And gave praise and praise to our equipment. When they come to Zhengzhou, they will visit our company and the factory, and they are very admired for the planning of the future material research field and the expectation of Kejia electric furnace.
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