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Selection of vacuum furnace heating chamber type

Selection of vacuum furnace heating chamber type:
High vacuum brazing furnace
1. Graphite reflective screen: Generally, there are two kinds of hard felt and soft felt used in vacuum furnace, which are suitable for quenching, tempering and annealing of general steel. High temperature brazing, powder metallurgy and sintering, etc.
2. Metal heat shield: Stainless steel and molybdenum are generally used on vacuum furnaces. The molybdenum reflective screen is suitable for quenching, annealing, high-temperature brazing, sintering, etc. of materials with high temperature and high requirements for the furnace environment (such as: high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, magnetic materials, etc.). The stainless steel rice screen is suitable for tempering, low-temperature annealing, aging, vacuum aluminum brazing, etc., and some low-temperature vacuum furnace options.
Selection of other related parts of the vacuum furnace:
1. For quenching heat treatment, medium vacuum (generally limit 4X10-1P a) can be used for vacuum heat treatment using two-stage pumps (fore-stage pumps and roots pumps) such as bearing steel, die steel, structural steel, etc.
2. For some products that require high vacuum, such as (vacuum heat treatment or high-temperature brazing of high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, magnetic materials, etc.), three-stage pumps (fore-stage pumps, roots pumps, diffusion pumps, etc.) are generally required. The limit of the degree is 10-4Pa.
1. Standard configuration; the vacuum furnace is based on imported temperature controller and programmable controller, which realizes programmable, manual and automatic temperature control.
2. Computer control system; use industrial computer and programmable controller as the core technology to program, store and make reports. It can be operated independently by computer, automatic, manual, process programming, etc.
3. Computer group control system; a high-tech control system integrating the monitoring, data collection, operation status and report management of multiple vacuum furnaces with industrial computer as the core.

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