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The advantages of graphite elements commonly used in vacuum furnaces

  The advantages of graphite elements commonly used in vacuum furnaces
Large vacuum furnace
1. Graphite has good high temperature strength. At room temperature, the strength of graphite is far worse than that of metals, but its strength gradually increases as the temperature rises, which will exceed all oxides and metals;
3. Graphite has certain properties of metal and ceramics, has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and has multiple voids and a small coefficient of thermal expansion. Therefore, graphite has become one of the most heat-resistant materials
4. Graphite has a small temperature coefficient of resistance and low thermal inertia. It can be heated and cooled quickly. There is no special requirement in the process of workpiece processing. It is more suitable for the application of vacuum furnace heating elements.
5. It is a relatively good heating element for vacuum furnace, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no deformation, impact resistance, large radiation area, good flexibility, and easy processing and installation. Electrically, it is easy to make larger heating elements, which can increase the voltage and reduce the current. Thereby saving heat loss.

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