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Inclined rotating tube furnace

Product Details:
Inclined rotary tube furnace can meet different process experiments and production design and manufacture of heat treatment equipment, suitable for sintering of electronic ceramics and high-temperature structural ceramics, precision annealing and microcrystallization of glass, precision annealing of crystals, preparation of ceramic glaze, powder Sintering heat treatment for metallurgy, nano-material sintering, metal parts quenching, etc., is commonly used high-temperature equipment in scientific research institutions, universities, and industrial and mining enterprises.

1. Tilting rotary tube furnace, touch screen operation, silicon molybdenum rod heating, heating zone 400mm, vacuum can be ventilated, equipped with DRV-10 vacuum pump, exhaust gas scrubber is connected to the gas outlet, gas can be directly connected Scrubber
2. Equipped with two kinds of material furnace tubes, the low temperature section is equipped with variable-diameter quartz tubes 80-120-80mm, and 80mm diameter corundum tubes
3. The furnace body adopts an open design, with a slide rail at the bottom for easy opening
4. Tilt angle 0-15 degrees (adjustable), rotation speed 0-15 revolutions per minute
Can be customized according to needs, for more product details, please understand Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd.
Inclined rotating tube furnace

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