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Which domestic nitrogen muffle furnace is better?

       What are the domestic nitrogen protection muffle furnace brands? Who are the professional manufacturers of muffle furnaces? Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace specializes in the research and development and production of various types of muffle furnaces, which can pass various protective gases such as nitrogen and argon, and can be customized according to user needs!
Nitrogen protection muffle furnace
Features of Kejia Nitrogen Muffle Furnace:
1. The shell of this series of resistance furnace is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is sprayed with process treatment, the furnace door adopts a side-opening structure, and the opening and closing is flexible.
2. The medium temperature box type adopts a closed furnace. The heating alloy wire is used as the heating element to make a spiral shape and then coiled in the four walls of the furnace. The furnace temperature is uniform during heat dissipation and the service life is extended.
3. Adopt high-temperature resistant combustion tube, and install silicon carbide rod as heating element in the furnace jacket.
4. The silicon carbide rod is used as the heating element to be installed directly in the furnace, and the heat utilization rate is high.
5. This series of resistance furnace insulation materials use 0.4-0.6 lightweight foam insulation bricks and aluminum silicate fiber cotton to reduce heat storage and thermal conductivity, resulting in large heat storage in the furnace, shortened heating time, low surface temperature rise, and empty furnace The power loss is small and the power consumption is greatly reduced.

     1000-1200 degree rapid heating box furnace, mainly used for melt sample analysis, experimental heat treatment, ceramic sintering. The heating rate is 0-40℃/min, and it will rise to 1000℃ in about 30 minutes, and the temperature control accuracy is ±1℃.
1. This product uses ceramic fiber lining and imported high temperature electric furnace wire.
2. The shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate sprayed with plastic treatment, which is beautiful and windy, durable.
3. Temperature control solid-state relay 4. Temperature control can also be equipped with 10-30 segments of intelligent program meters of different levels according to customer needs. In addition, we can also design the furnace separately according to the usage.
1. The heating element is silicon carbide rod, intelligent temperature controller, programmable, fully automatic heating.
2. The furnace is made of lightweight fiberboard. Compared with the traditional muffle furnace, the weight is reduced by 2/3, and the heating rate is doubled. The heating rate is 0-40°C/min. It is about 30 minutes to 1000°C, saving 70% , Its life is increased by 3 times.
3. The temperature is controlled by a 30-segment programmable temperature control meter, which is highly intelligent and easy to operate (free warranty for one year).

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