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Professional manufacturer of box atmosphere protection furnace

        Kejia KJ series box-type atmosphere protection furnace is a horizontal vacuum atmosphere box-type furnace. It can also be called an oxygen-free annealing furnace or a vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace. It is specially designed to provide a certain atmosphere (such as inert Sintering is carried out under the environment of gas, etc., and the maximum temperature can reach 1800°C. This vacuum furnace uses alumina fiber as the furnace material and silicon molybdenum rods or silicon carbon rods as heating elements. The furnace body is designed to have better vacuum tightness in the furnace chamber, and a gas control system is installed on the furnace body.
 box atmosphere protection furnace
     The main purpose of the box-type atmosphere protection furnace: ideal products for high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiments, and vacuum annealing in universities, scientific research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises. Ideal experiment and production equipment for industrial and mining enterprises.
     The main functions and characteristics of the box atmosphere protection furnace:
1. The furnace body adopts a double-layer furnace shell structure, and the furnace body is made of 10mm steel plate, which is safe and reliable, conforms to national standards, and has a variety of safety protection designs with good safety performance.
2. The furnace door is side-opening. The furnace door and furnace roof are fixed by fastening screws from left to right. The furnace door and furnace roof are equipped with a circulating water cooling system. The furnace body has air inlets, air outlets, and vacuum ports.
3. It can pass other inert gases such as hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, and can be pre-evacuated. The vacuum degree can reach -0.1MPa, the atmosphere pressure can reach -0.1Mpa, glass rotor flowmeter and inlet and outlet pipes.
4. Equipped with RS-485 communication interface, data management software, with paperless record of historical data and heating curve, the function of correcting temperature deviation, it can manage multiple devices and remote fault diagnosis and analysis.

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