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Matters needing attention in the production experiment of high temperature vacuum furnace

       The structure, temperature control, heating process and atmosphere of the high-temperature vacuum furnace will directly affect the product quality after the vacuum furnace is produced. In the forging heating furnace, increasing the temperature of the metal can reduce the melting resistance, but too high temperature will cause grain oxidation or over-burning, which will seriously affect the product quality in the vacuum furnace. In the heat treatment process, if the steel is heated to a certain point above the critical temperature and then suddenly cooled by cooling, the hardness and strength of the steel can be increased; if the steel is heated to a certain point below the critical temperature and then slowly cooled, it can be used again. Steel is more tough.
high-temperature vacuum furnace
     In order to obtain a workpiece with a smooth surface and precise dimensions, or to reduce metal oxidation to protect the mold and reduce the machining allowance, various heating furnaces with less oxidation can be used. In an open-flame heating furnace with little and no oxidation, the incomplete combustion of fuel is used to generate reducing gas. Heating the workpiece in it can reduce the oxidation burn rate to less than 0.6%.

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