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Which high temperature vacuum carbon tube furnace is better

        Vacuum carbon tube furnace is a high temperature, high vacuum resistance furnace using graphite as heating element. The maximum working temperature can reach 2000℃~2400℃. Kejia KJ series vacuum carbon tube furnace is widely used in sintering inorganic materials (such as ceramic seals, silicon carbide, zirconia, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, etc.) and metal materials (such as cemented carbide) in vacuum or protective atmosphere It can also be used for the purification treatment of rare earth elements and their oxides and the annealing treatment of sapphire. At the same time, it is also suitable for pilot batch production in universities, colleges, and scientific research units.
Vacuum carbon tube furnace
     Structure introduction: Kejia vacuum carbon tube furnace is a vertical vacuum electric furnace, which is composed of furnace cover, furnace body, furnace bottom and vacuum unit. The inner layer of the furnace shell is stainless steel, and the outer layer is carbon steel. The two layers are cooled by water. The furnace shell is equipped with exhaust ports, observation holes, thermocouple holes, protective atmosphere inlet and outlet, explosion-proof ports, etc. The furnace is equipped with a graphite electrode, which is connected with the graphite heating element by a cylindrical surface contact. One end of each electrode is sealed out of the furnace. It is an important part that enables current to pass to the heating element in the furnace. There is a heat shield device composed of multiple radiation shields around the heating body.

  Advantages of Kejia Vacuum Carbon Tube Furnace:
  1. The circuit is equipped with alarm and protection functions for water cut, over current, furnace over temperature and water over temperature.
  2. The furnace is equipped with a gas-filled overpressure explosion-proof system.
  3. Compact structure and reasonable layout.
     4. Humanized design and reasonable configuration.

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