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How to choose the heating chamber of the vacuum debinding sintering furnace?

       The choice of vacuum debinding and sintering furnace should be selected according to the purpose and the performance of each component. Today, Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. will introduce the selection of the heating chamber of the vacuum debinding and sintering furnace.
 vacuum debinding and sintering furnace
     Selection basis for heating chamber of vacuum degreasing sintering furnace:
     1. Graphite reflective screen: Hard felt and soft felt are usually used in vacuum furnaces, which are suitable for quenching, tempering and annealing of common steel. High temperature brazing, powder metallurgy and sintering, etc.
     2. Metal heat shield; stainless steel and molybdenum are usually used in vacuum furnaces. The molybdenum reflective screen is suitable for materials with high temperature and high requirements for the furnace environment, such as: high temperature alloys, titanium alloys, magnetic materials, etc., quenching, annealing, high temperature brazing, sintering, etc. The stainless steel rice screen is suitable for tempering, low-temperature annealing, aging, vacuum aluminum brazing, etc., and some low-temperature furnace selections.

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