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Domestic professional manufacturer of high vacuum annealing furnace

      Many people think that the higher the vacuum degree of the vacuum annealing furnace, the better the processing effect of the workpiece. In fact, it is not the case. Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. points out that the vacuum degree of the vacuum annealing furnace should be determined according to the type and material of the workpiece. Only the right degree of vacuum will achieve good results.
vacuum annealing furnace
   When the external pressure is less than the vapor pressure at this temperature, the metal will evaporate (sublimation), just as camphor volatilizes from a solid to a gas due to sublimation in the air. The smaller the external pressure, the higher the vacuum, the easier it is to evaporate. Therefore, when performing heat treatment in a vacuum annealing furnace, due attention should be paid to the evaporation problem. It is not comprehensive to think that as long as the vacuum degree of the vacuum annealing furnace is increased, good results can be achieved. It is necessary to pay full attention to the type of workpiece. The problem of evaporation. That is, according to the vapor pressure and heating temperature of the alloy elements in the material to be processed in the vacuum electric furnace, an appropriate degree of vacuum is selected to prevent the vacuum evaporation of the alloy elements. As long as the vacuum degree of the vacuum furnace is selected appropriately, the evaporation of alloy elements can be prevented.

   In addition, when heating in a vacuum furnace, you can also consider introducing high-purity inert gas according to the type of metal material, that is, reverse inflation to adjust the vacuum in the furnace, and use low vacuum heating to prevent the evaporation of alloy elements. The introduction of high-purity inert gas can not only adjust the vacuum degree, but also form a convection cycle due to the presence of the inert gas, which is more conducive to uniform heating of the material.

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