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Influence of Heating Temperature of High Temperature Resistance Furnace on Heat Treatment Materials

  In the high-temperature heat treatment resistance furnace, heating the workpiece is to ensure the transformation of the material structure and the completion of the chemical action, so that the technical performance of the material can finally meet the requirements of use. Heating temperature is an important factor to change the structure of the material and accelerate the chemical action. For example, when the heating temperature is higher than the melting point of the material, the material will be melted. Appropriate heating temperature can make the metal obtain better plasticity and minimum deformation resistance. Plasticity refers to the ability of metal materials to produce plastic deformation (permanent deformation) without being damaged under load. Usually when the metal is plastically deformed, the force that resists the plastic deformation is called the deformation resistance.

The heating temperature not only affects the structure of the workpiece, but also affects the physical properties of the workpiece material, such as thermal conductivity, heat capacity, density, etc. For example, when the heating temperature is high (greater than 900 degrees), the thermal conductivity of carbon steel and alloy steel decreases with the increase of temperature. The density of metals decreases with increasing temperature due to volume expansion. Usually in a heating system, the heating temperature is finally reached by formulating multiple heating, heat preservation, and cooling processes.

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