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Repair and maintenance of vacuum furnace

  Vacuum furnace has a series of advantages such as high quality, high quality, low consumption and no pollution. It is one of the hot spots in the development of modern heat treatment equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the repair and maintenance methods of vacuum furnace:

1. After the furnace is shut down, the vacuum state in the furnace must be kept below 6.65*104pa;
2. When there is dust or uncleanness in the furnace, wipe it clean with a silk cloth soaked in ethanol or gasoline, and let it dry;
2. When disassembling and assembling parts such as the sealing structure and vacuum system on the furnace body, they should be cleaned with ethanol or gasoline, dried and coated with vacuum grease before assembling;
3. The outer surface of the furnace should be wiped frequently to keep it clean;
4. Workpieces, material baskets, workpiece carts, etc. need to be cleaned and dried before entering the furnace to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the furnace;
5. When the transmission parts are found to be stuck, the limit is not accurate, or the control is out of order, etc., they should be eliminated immediately, and do not operate forcibly, so as not to damage the parts;
6. The mechanical transmission parts are refueled or changed regularly according to the general equipment requirements;
7. Vacuum pumps, valves, measuring instruments, thermal instruments and electrical components and other supporting parts shall be used, repaired and maintained according to product technical instructions;
8. The maintenance operation should be carried out under the condition of power failure. When the maintenance work is carried out under the condition of power supply, the absolute safety of the operators, maintenance personnel and equipment must be guaranteed.

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