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Celebrating the 14th anniversary of Kejia Electric Furnace

  On May 31st, a day worthy of universal celebration, Kejia Furnace company ushered in its 14th anniversary. A celebration & team building event was held in a villa party hall in our beautiful Zhengzhou City. Days of cloudy and rainy days ushered in bright sunshine on this day, creating the best festive atmosphere for the 14th anniversary of the group.

Mr. Shi said that the years are like a song, and the entrepreneurial scene in the past is still vivid. Looking back on today fourteen years ago, it seems like it was yesterday. We want a lot, but we want to be pragmatic! Only being pragmatic is the basis for obtaining more. As long as we are pragmatic, we can strive to obtain greater receipts!

Kejia Furnace company has been going all the way for 14 years, forging ahead, crossing multiple small economic cycles under the influence of various factors, and realizing the transformation from small to large, from weak to strong, from single to multiple, growing all the way, not considered development Innovation has built a solid industrial foundation, capital foundation, talent foundation and cultural foundation for the group's steady development.

I wish the company a prosperous development and brilliant performance in the future. Don't forget the original intention, forge ahead. Let's work together to make materials research easier.
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