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Production Process of Large Roll-to-Roll Graphene Films

  According to recent customer feedback: researchers at MIT and University of Michigan laboratories have developed a new roll-to-roll production method for graphene, which uses a thin metal foil as a base to deposit graphene on the metal foil, Transfer from one reel to another for industrial continuous production.

The roll-to-roll graphene preparation system developed by Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. fully meets their production and process requirements. The method is a modification of CVD, which MIT has used to produce graphene. This new system uses similar gas-phase chemistry, but the chamber consists of 2 concentric tubes with a thin strip of substrate copper inside the inner tube. The gas is released through the set holes and enters the tube, so that the substrate can be completely exposed to the mixed gas. The first area is called the annealing area, which is used to treat the substrate surface; the second area is the growth area, where graphene grows.

At present, the research team is continuing to explore the process conditions to obtain higher production rates and graphene quality.


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