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Ideal Equipment for Materials Laboratory - Dewaxing chamber Furnace

   Dewaxing chamber Furnace for 3D printing materials. The furnace adopts the heating method of external resistance wire, which makes the furnace temperature more uniform and easier to replace the heating element. There is a blower below the chamber of furnace, pipes for purging the gas in the furnace , and there is a chimney on the top of furnace to discharge the flue gas during the heating process.

debinding box furnace

Main feature:
The temperature can be up to 1700C.
Good temperature uniformity. Precise temperature control. Multi-curve adjustable design.
The furnace has a long service life, and the furnace top chimney is designed with reinforcement.
High-purity K-type thermocouple + high-precision high-purity heating element, long service life.
With ultra-high temperature alarm, current alarm, current limiting protection and other settings.
In addition. A blower is designed under the box, and there are porous ceramic tubes in the furnace to blow in fresh air.

Zhengzhou Kejia Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. has long-term cooperation with universities, research institutes, laboratories and enterprises (experimental & production type) at home and abroad. Can accept customer demand customization, multi-size and multi-temperature can be met. We have a professional technical team to provide technical support, technical services and training. After-sales all-round support, if necessary, you can go to the scene to help solve the problem. Welcome to consult.

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