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Installation steps of atmosphere tube furnace

  Installation of furnace body
    The tubular atmosphere furnace can be placed on the workbench to suit the operating height of the staff. The effective load of the workbench should be greater than 200kg.
Electrical installation
    Power configuration: 220V. The power configured according to the user's electric control cabinet should be greater than 6Kw.
    Installation of thermocouple: the depth of insertion into the furnace is 25mm, and the N graduation compensation wire is used to connect with the temperature control instrument. Note: quartz tube shall be installed first and then thermocouple. Thermocouple shall not contact quartz tube. The electric furnace and control cabinet shall be grounded as a whole, and the grounding resistance of the grounding wire shall be less than 4 Ω.
    Wiring mode of resistance wire: two in parallel, power supply: single-phase 220V. At the same time, due to transportation and other reasons, check the fastening of each screw of the furnace body to confirm that it is correct.
    The tubular furnace is a new type of electric furnace with high performance and high energy saving developed by adopting international advanced technology. There are many types of tubular furnace, such as single-tube, double-tube, horizontal, openable, vertical, single-temperature zone, double-temperature zone, three-temperature zone, etc. It is mainly used in universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises and other experiments and small batch production. It is safe and reliable, easy to operate, high temperature control accuracy, good insulation effect, large temperature range, high furnace temperature uniformity, multiple temperature zones, optional atmosphere, vacuum furnace type, etc.

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