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Methods of Improving Carbon Deposition in Atmosphere Mesh Belt Furnace

  Methods of Improving Carbon Deposition in Atmosphere Mesh Belt Furnace
The atmosphere mesh belt furnace is a continuous furnace that uses metal mesh belt to transport materials in the furnace. The mesh belt furnace is commonly used for sintering copper based materials and iron based materials.
During the maintenance of the atmosphere mesh belt furnace, it is often found that the atmosphere pipeline of some resistance furnaces that have been used for many years is still very smooth, the furnace interior is also very clean, the carbon deposition is rare, and the surface of the treated workpiece is smooth, while some resistance furnace mouths are easy to be blocked, the carbon deposition in the furnace is serious, and the radiation tube shells are connected by carbon black. The treated workpiece is gray or has color spots. Based on the systematic analysis of various furnace types, we believe that in addition to the factors such as the location of the circulating fan in the furnace structure and daily maintenance, there is also an important reason for this situation is the improper selection of the atmosphere ratio and the inlet location.
After the configuration of control atmosphere in the atmosphere mesh belt furnace is determined, the pipeline shall be installed, and the flowmeter shall be installed on the control panel at the preheating chamber. The air source passes through the flowmeter on the atmosphere control panel and is regulated by the flowmeter. The air source enters the heating chamber through the floor master on the furnace top. The top of the furnace is equipped with an oxygen probe to detect the carbon potential in the furnace, and each area of the heating chamber is equipped with a partition plate to enhance the zoning effect of the atmosphere.
The atmosphere mesh belt furnace has the following characteristics:
1. As the metal mesh belt operates stably in the furnace, the powder metallurgy compacts placed on the mesh belt can be continuously and stably sintered, and the product quality is stable.
2. As the mesh belt is limited by the heat load capacity, it has only a moderate production capacity.
3. Since the briquette is directly placed on the mesh belt, the heating condition of the briquette is good.
4. The charging box and discharging box for general sintering furnace are reduced, and the automation degree is improved.
The metal mesh belt is often damaged due to the influence of high temperature atmosphere in the furnace. The main causes of damage are elongation, bending, bad track, deformation and pollution of the mesh belt. Pollution and deformation cannot be overcome by the mesh belt itself, and the elongation, bending and motion track of the mesh belt are its own characteristics, which can be improved through design.

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