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Understand the product characteristics of elevator furnace together

  Today, let's learn about the product features of the elevator furnace:
The lifting furnace is an electric furnace with box shape and furnace. The workpiece is fixed during the whole heating process of the workpiece heat treatment experiment. Just open the furnace door, put the tools to be tested into the middle of the furnace, and then close the furnace door. When taking the workpiece, open the furnace door, take out the workpiece and close the furnace door. The heating program has been prepared before leaving the factory, and the user can operate according to the operation steps of the manual when using it.
The elevator furnace also has "three heights"? Many people certainly don't understand what this is. What does "three highs" mean? It refers to high temperature control accuracy, high energy saving efficiency and high safety performance. Why do you say that? The following is an analysis of the characteristics of this equipment:
1. The equipment adopts closed loop technology, thyristor module trigger control, phase shifting trigger control mode, output voltage, current or power can be continuously adjusted, and it has the characteristics of constant voltage, constant current or constant power; The current loop is the inner loop and the voltage loop is the outer loop. When the load is suddenly applied or the load current exceeds the current limit value, the output current of the voltage regulator is limited within the rated current range to ensure the normal operation of the output and voltage regulator; At the same time, the voltage loop also participates in the regulation, so that the output current of the voltage regulator is limited within the rated current range, and the output current and voltage are kept constant under the premise of sufficient adjustment margin; So as to protect the heating element from the impact of excessive current and voltage, and achieve safe and reliable control effect and control accuracy. The temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 degree, and the temperature control accuracy is very high.
2. Three layers of insulation are adopted, which are aluminum silicate fiberboard, aluminum oxide fiberboard and aluminum oxide (polycrystalline) fiberboard. The energy-saving effect is more than 80% of that of the old electric furnace. Energy saving efficiency is very high.
3. The shell has the thermal insulation function. Even if it is used for a long time, the shell temperature will not be 45 degrees. Even if the operator accidentally touches the shell, it will not cause burns. The safety performance is very high.

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