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Precautions for use of high temperature muffle furnace

  Precautions for use of high temperature muffle furnace

1、 Preparation before work

1. Before the experiment, first check whether the furnace is clean and remove sundries to ensure that the furnace is clean and free of any sundries

2. Secondly, check whether the furnace wall and bottom plate are cracked

3. Check whether the installation of resistance wire and thermocouple lead-out bar is tight and whether the instrument is normal

4. Whether the door switch of resistance furnace is flexible

5. After ensuring that everything is normal, start placing the workpiece for experiment.

2、 Operation steps in work

1. Make sure the power is off when placing the workpiece

2. Handle with care to avoid damaging electric heating elements, furnace floor and other accessories

3. It is forbidden to put wet workpieces into the furnace, and the distance between the workpieces heated in the furnace and the electric heating elements shall be 50-70mm

4. Check all kinds of instruments during work, and repair them in time in case of any abnormality

5. When the furnace temperature is above 700 ℃, it is not allowed to open the furnace door to cool down or exit the furnace, so as to avoid shortening the service life of the furnace due to sudden cooling.

3、 Precautions after work

1. Cut off the power

2. Handle the workpiece gently to ensure that the furnace body and workpiece are not damaged

3. Reload the furnace and repeat the above procedure

4. Clean up the sundries in the furnace to ensure cleanliness

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