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What problems should be paid attention to when using and operating the high-temperature furnace?

  Many friends of the high-temperature furnace have some mistakes in operation. So, what should we pay attention to when using the high-temperature furnace?

1. The furnace door shall not be opened for a long time when loading materials.

2. Do not pour any liquid into the furnace.

3. Do not put the sample with water and oil into the furnace, and do not use the clamp with water and oil to take the sample to avoid accidental contact and fire.

4. Wear gloves when loading and taking samples to prevent scalding.

5. The sample shall be placed in the middle of the furnace and shall not be placed randomly.

6. The environment around the high-temperature electric furnace shall be free of explosion and corrosive gas.

7. When replacing the heating element, do not take out the furnace. First, remove the rear panel of the furnace body, then remove the bottom bolts that fix the inner sleeve of the furnace body, open the rear cover of the inner sleeve, and remove the furnace door frame. Then, the heating element can be replaced.

8. It is not allowed to put chemicals containing acid and alkali or strong oxidizing agents in the furnace, and it is not allowed to burn explosive substances in the furnace.

9. When the metal and other minerals are put into the high-temperature furnace for heating, they must be placed in the high-temperature resistant porcelain collapse vortex or porcelain dish, or lined with refractory clay plate or asbestos plate to prevent adhesion with the furnace.

10. Don't let the high-temperature electric furnace get damp to prevent electric leakage.

These are the main contents of the problems that need to be paid attention to when using and operating the high-temperature furnace.

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