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Cleaning method of tube furnace tube

      The common cleaning methods for carbon slagging or coking of tube furnace tubes are physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. The so-called physical cleaning is to break the carbon slag accumulated in the pipeline by mechanical force, and then blow out the broken slag by high-speed air flow to make the pipeline smooth. Chemical cleaning is to destroy the structure of carbon slag or react with carbon slag through chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of slag cleaning.
    Due to the characteristics of the tubular furnace, the internal pipes are connected by 180 ° stamping elbows. If physical cleaning is adopted, the distance of one cleaning is limited. It is necessary to open doors at many places in the furnace of the tubular furnace. After cleaning section by section, welding repair can be carried out section by section, and then high-speed air flow can be used for purging. The cleaning time is long and it is very inconvenient.
    The chemical cleaning method of gasifying combustion is adopted, which only needs to be opened at the inlet and outlet of the rich oil pipeline outside the tubular furnace, and can be cleaned at one time without repairing welding at multiple openings, thus saving labor and time. Since the gasification and combustion are complete, the cleaning is also complete. Manufacturers using tubular furnaces can reasonably choose cleaning methods according to specific conditions. Generally speaking, if the pipe is long, it is not recommended to use a brush. It can be cleaned by chemical method. It can be burned in the air for 2 hours (about 800 ℃). If there is any residue, it can be removed by chemical method according to the nature of the residue.

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