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Application and classification of vacuum heat treatment furnace

      The application classification of vacuum heat treatment furnace includes: vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum tempering furnace and vacuum annealing furnace. Let's explain the functions and characteristics of each furnace type separately.

    Vacuum quenching furnace: vacuum quenching furnace can be divided into vacuum oil quenching furnace and vacuum gas quenching furnace; Vacuum oil quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum heat treatment of die steel, spring steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, high-temperature alloy steel, etc. Its main characteristics are wide range of applicable materials, strong hardenability, low cost and reusable quenching oil. There are deficiencies; The deformation is relatively large, and the workpiece needs to be cleaned later.

    Vacuum tempering furnace: the vacuum tempering furnace can be divided into single chamber, double chamber and vertical. Generally, nickel chromium strip is used for heating, and the maximum temperature is 800 ℃. The general application of vacuum tempering furnace requires that the surface of parts after tempering is bright without oxidation color.
Vacuum annealing furnace: vacuum annealing furnace can be divided into single chamber, double chamber and vertical. The vacuum annealing furnace can choose medium high temperature and low temperature according to the part material (medium high temperature 800 ℃ ~ 1350 ℃, low temperature 800 ℃).

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