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What is a vacuum sintering furnace?

      Vacuum sintering furnace is a furnace that uses induction heating to sinter the heated objects protectively. It can be divided into power frequency, medium frequency, high frequency and other types, and can be classified into the subclass of vacuum sintering furnace.
Vacuum induction sintering furnace is a complete set of equipment that uses the principle of medium frequency induction heating to sinter cemented carbide cutter heads and various metal powder compacts under vacuum or protective atmosphere. It is designed for the industrial production of cemented carbide, dysprosium metal and ceramic materials.
    Main principle and application:
The vacuum sintering furnace uses the principle of medium frequency induction heating to generate high temperature in the tungsten crucible in the coil under the protection of hydrogen filling after vacuum pumping, which is transmitted to work through thermal radiation. It is suitable for scientific research and military units to form and sinter the powder of refractory alloys such as tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys.
    Main structure and composition:
The structural form is mostly vertical and discharging. Its main components are: electric furnace body, vacuum system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, feeding and discharging mechanism, base, workbench, induction heating device (tungsten heater and thermal insulation material), power inlet device, medium frequency power supply and electrical control system.

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