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Main functions and characteristics of rotary tubular atmosphere furnace

  Today, Kejia electric furnace will share with you the main functions and features of the rotary tubular atmosphere furnace:
1. The rotary tubular atmosphere furnace adopts special-shaped quartz tube, and the middle heating area is equipped with quartz partition baffle. The furnace tube can rotate and tilt, so that the material sintering is more uniform;
2. High degree of automation, all actions are controlled by one touch screen, intuitive and simple;
3. The inclination of the furnace body adopts up-down position interlocking, which is safe and reliable;
4. KF fast flange seal is adopted, which is convenient and fast to operate;
5. The furnace cover can be opened to observe the sintering of heated materials in real time;
6. Vacuum and gas path quick interfaces are reserved, which can be used with vacuum system and gas mixing system;
7. When the upper cover is opened, the power will be cut off automatically, the super temperature decoupling protection alarm and power will be cut off, and the leakage protection will ensure safe and reliable operation.

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