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What work needs to be prepared before using CVD tubular furnace?

      CVD tube furnace is a special equipment for growing high-quality graphene, carbon nanotubes and silicon carbide on submerged bottom materials. It is widely used in new materials and processes such as semiconductors, nano materials, carbon fibers, silicon carbide, coating and so on.
Now let's talk about the preparations that need to be done before using the CVD tubular furnace:
1. Design the temperature rise and fall curve, and the heating rate shall not be higher than 10 ℃ / minute, and the cooling rate shall be lower than 15 ℃ / minute.
2. Clean the environment.
3. When starting to use every week, check that the oil line of the mechanical pump is above the marking line, remove the covers at both ends, and clean the corundum furnace tube with a vacuum cleaner.
4. Push the sample boat into the middle of the rigid tube furnace (constant temperature length 10cm).
5. Plug two insulated furnace plugs so that the end of the second furnace plug is flush with the side of the furnace body.
6. Install the gas furnace flange and confirm that the gasket falls into the groove.

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