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Structural characteristics and application scope sharing of box atmosphere furnace

      Today, Kejia electric furnace will share with you the structural characteristics and application scope of the box type atmosphere furnace

    Ordinary heat treatment box atmosphere furnace non vacuum furnace heating elements are mainly iron chromium aluminum and nickel chromium alloy, and atmosphere furnace is mainly molybdenum heating elements. When the molybdenum heating element of the vacuum resistance furnace is damaged, replace the locally damaged part of the molybdenum heating belt. Cut off the damaged part, take a section of molybdenum sheet with the same size as the original, clamp it on both sides with 2~3mm thick molybdenum sheet, drill screw holes, and then tighten it with molybdenum screws.
    In case of deformation, falling, lodging and other phenomena of molybdenum sheet found in daily inspection, it can be baked with blowtorch to make it soft, and its proper shape and relevant dimensions can be restored with external force, and then it can be lifted and bound with molybdenum wire. The normal damage of the alloy is mainly caused by oxidation, thinning and embrittlement, lap short circuit, overburning or medium erosion. The service life of Ni Cr alloy is longer than that of Fe Cr Al alloy. The strip shape is longer than that of filament shape, and the continuous work is longer than that of continuous work.
    Driven by the professional technological transformation of cars, aviation, weapons, molds and basic parts, the upsurge of other professional thermal treatment technological transformation and equipment renewal will also occur one after another. The height and depth of the company's technological transformation have begun to show significant changes. Most atmosphere furnace companies are no longer satisfied with the replacement of conventional skills and equipment, but tend to step by step to a higher level. Many private companies pay more attention to the useful investment of funds, and give priority to the purchase of high-tech, high-quality, high-reliability equipment. In order to achieve a high-level production policy, even if they spend more money, they will not hesitate.

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