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What are the characteristics of electric furnace?

  What are the characteristics of electric furnace?
(1) Advantages of electric furnace
1) Compared with fuel furnace, it is easy to obtain high temperature.
2) It can be heated from the inside of the material.
3) It is easy to use in controllable atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace.
4) The electric furnace has no exhaust heat loss of the fuel furnace, so the thermal efficiency is high.
5) Easy to control temperature, remote control and fine adjustment.
6) Capable of rapid heating.
7) Good operation performance, no pollution to the environment.
(2) Disadvantages of electric furnace
1) The cost of power distribution equipment needs to be increased.
2) High power costs.
3) When the resistance heating temperature exceeds 1000 ℃, the refractory may conduct electricity, so attention should be paid to the insulation.

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