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What are the heating methods for vacuum furnaces?

    When we use a vacuum furnace, we can choose its heating method according to our needs, because there are many heating methods for this furnace, such as controlled atmosphere heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, and ion nitriding heat treatment, etc. , Different heating methods also have different characteristics. So what should we do when we use it? Today we introduced this knowledge to everyone in the article, let's learn it quickly!
Vacuum heating furnace
Heating method of vacuum furnace:
  1, controlled atmosphere heat treatment
  The main purpose of controlling heat treatment is to prevent oxidation and decarburization, and to accurately control carburization and nitriding. According to user requirements, we can provide a variety of products with moderate prices, diverse styles, and excellent performance of controllable atmosphere furnaces. Most of them can accurately optimize, predict and control the distribution of carbon concentration, and obtain the ideal concentration distribution and permeable layer structure; computer management can be realized through simple menu design and friendly man-machine interface.
  2, vacuum heat treatment
   The application and development of vacuum heat treatment technology has been further improved and popularized. It has the characteristics of no oxidation, no decarburization, smooth surface after quenching, high wear resistance, no pollution, and high degree of automation. Vacuum annealing, vacuum degassing, vacuum oil quenching, vacuum water quenching, vacuum gas quenching, vacuum tempering and vacuum carburizing are widely used in industrial production. Vacuum heat treatment is one of the most popular technologies in heat treatment workshops.
  3, ion nitriding heat treatment
   Induction heat treatment is widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, petrochemical and other industries due to its high efficiency, energy saving, cleanness and flexibility. Nearly 40% of auto parts can be processed by induction heat treatment, such as crankshafts, gears, universal joints, half shafts, etc.
The above is the concentrated and simple heating method of vacuum heat treatment. If you want to know more or have any equipment needs, you can contact us at any time.

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