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Main technical indicators of heat treatment furnace

    The heat treatment furnace refers to the heat treatment heating equipment with a furnace chamber. Because the furnace chamber is first heated during the heating process and then participates in the heat exchange of the workpiece, the heating nature of the heat treatment furnace is indirect heating. The following briefly introduces the main technical indicators of the heat treatment furnace, as well as several parameters that should also be paid attention to when purchasing.
1. Function parameters
1. Furnace temperature uniformity. Furnace temperature uniformity refers to the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace when the furnace is in a thermally stable state at the test temperature, usually when the furnace is empty, in the effective working area, and at the specified temperature measurement points The difference between the highest and lowest temperature measured and the temperature measured at the control point. The furnace temperature uniformity is the most important indicator to ensure the quality of the heat treatment process;
2. Empty furnace heating time. The empty furnace heating time usually refers to the time required to heat a fully dried resistance furnace without charge from the cold state to the maximum operating temperature under the rated voltage;
3. Empty furnace power loss, the energy consumed when the resistance furnace with no charge is heated from the cold state to the thermal stable state at the highest operating temperature is called the empty furnace power loss, including the heat storage and loss of the furnace body at this stage The energy of the surrounding space;
4. Furnace temperature stability (furnace temperature control accuracy), the temperature stability of the temperature control point when the heat treatment furnace is in a thermally stable state at the test temperature is called furnace temperature stability;
5. Surface temperature rise. When the heat treatment furnace is in a thermally stable state at the highest operating temperature, the difference between the temperature at any point within the specified range of the furnace outer surface and the ambient temperature is called the surface temperature rise;
Vacuum heat treatment furnace
2. Operating performance
1. The atmosphere in the furnace is generally divided into natural atmosphere, controlled atmosphere (an atmosphere whose composition can be controlled within a predetermined range), protective atmosphere and vacuum;
2. The maximum loading capacity, the maximum loading capacity of each furnace specified in the design of the intermittent operation furnace, is called the maximum loading capacity, including the furnace frame, tray or fixture that enters the furnace at the same time as the heated workpiece or material weight;
3. Furnace production capacity, the furnace heating capacity calculated per unit time is called furnace production capacity;
4. Furnace productivity, the furnace heating capacity calculated per unit time and unit bottom area is called furnace productivity;
5. Process adaptability, which generally refers to the degree of meeting the heat treatment process and the importance of product quality;
6. Comparable unit energy consumption. Generally, industrial furnaces are divided into three grades: first, second, and third grade according to the comparable unit consumption. Products that fail to reach the third grade are substandard products;
7. The degree of automation refers to the level of furnace and process control, such as whether it is computer controlled or not;
The above are the main technical indicators of the heat treatment furnace. I hope everyone will confirm the parameters with the manufacturer when making the purchase, and select the appropriate furnace type.

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