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Kejia medium temperature box electric furnace

      Today we mainly introduce the medium temperature box-type resistance furnace of Kejia. First of all, let's understand the appearance of Kejia medium-temperature box-type electric furnace. Most medium-temperature box-type electric furnaces are rectangular, and the furnace shell is made of steel plate hemming and welding. Surface electrostatic spraying process, the studio is a furnace made of refractory materials, the heating element is placed in it, and the furnace and the outer shell are built with insulation materials. The furnace door of the medium temperature box-type resistance furnace is fixed on the electric furnace panel through multiple sets of hinges. The furnace door is closed by the weight of the furnace door handle, and the furnace door is tightly attached to the furnace mouth by leveraging. When opening, only the handle is slightly Lift it up, pull it out after unhooking, and place the furnace door on the left side. The medium-temperature box-type resistance furnace is a periodic operation type, which is used for the element analysis and determination of laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, and scientific research units, and for the heating of general small steel parts quenching, annealing, tempering and other heat treatments. The high-temperature furnace can also be used for sintering metals and ceramics. , Dissolution, analysis and other high-temperature heating.
medium temperature box electric furnace
 The structure of the medium temperature box-type resistance furnace mainly consists of a furnace frame, a furnace shell, a furnace lining, a furnace door device, an electric heating element and an auxiliary device. The function of the furnace frame is to bear the load of the furnace lining and the workpiece, and usually there are section steel welded into a frame, and the steel plate is covered. The function of the furnace shell is to protect the furnace lining, strengthen the structure of the electric furnace and maintain the sealing of the electric furnace. The steel plate is usually welded on the steel frame. The reasonable design of the furnace frame and the furnace shell have sufficient strength. The medium temperature box-type resistance furnace can also be used without a furnace frame, and the furnace shell is welded by thick steel plates, which can also play the role of a furnace frame. To a certain extent, it also plays a protective role.

 Medium temperature box-type resistance furnace does not need to assemble silicon carbide rods when changing the connection method, just change the connection method, and after changing the connection method, pay attention to the slow adjustment of the heating power adjustment button when using the muffle furnace, and the heating current value must not exceed the additional value. The medium temperature box-type resistance furnace should be placed in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas small mixer position, the task environment temperature is 10-50 ℃, the temperature is not more than 85%. In order to ensure the measurement, the medium temperature box-type resistance furnace uses a DC potentiometer to calibrate the thermometer of the xmt-type temperature controller every year to prevent large errors. The box-type resistance furnace shall check whether each part is loose or not, whether the contacts of the AC contactor are in good condition, and the display faults should be repaired in time.

    The above is the basic introduction of Kejia medium temperature box-type electric furnace. If you need detailed information, you can directly contact our online customer service or visit the factory.

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