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Development prospects of heat treatment technology in my country

      In recent years, although my country's heat treatment technology has developed to a certain extent, there are still problems such as low level, high energy consumption, and product instability. There is a big gap with developed countries, and the level of heat treatment technology is difficult to meet the needs of manufacturing development.

    Based on the research conclusions of the heat treatment industry for many years and the development status of the heat treatment industry market in China, the "2020 China Heat Treatment Market Status Survey and Development Prospect Forecast Analysis Report" organizes and analyzes various information on the heat treatment market through a senior research team, and relies on The national authoritative data resources and long-term market monitoring database have conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation and research on the heat treatment industry.

    The 2020 China heat treatment market status survey and development prospect forecast analysis report released by China Industry Research Network can help investors accurately grasp the market status of the heat treatment industry, make a forecast of the heat treatment industry prospects for investors to invest, and tap the investment value of the heat treatment industry. Put forward suggestions on investment strategies and marketing strategies in the heat treatment industry.
electric furnace
    In recent years, Zhengzhou Kejia electric furnace has also made rapid improvement in the heat treatment industry, not only the improvement of Xiaoliang, but also great progress in technology. Furnace types include box furnaces, vacuum furnaces, tube furnaces, and atmosphere furnaces. , Cvd and pecvd systems, etc., the technology covers a wide range, and the equipment is widely liked by customers. Of course, my country’s existing heat treatment technology still has room for improvement, and we also need to continuously improve and innovate in technology. If you have any related requirements, welcome to visit the factory!

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