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What is the difference between a vacuum annealing furnace and a vacuum tempering furnace

  Vacuum tempering furnace is mainly used for the bright tempering of high-speed steel, high-alloy tool and die steel, electrical magnetic materials, stainless steel and other materials. It is also suitable for secondary crystallization and annealing of non-ferrous metals. However, there are restrictions on the heating range and can only be used for tempering.
Vacuum annealing furnace is mainly used for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing and vacuum sintering of high-speed steel, cold and hot die steel, stainless steel, elastic alloy, high temperature alloy, magnetic material and titanium alloy.
Vacuum tempering furnace
Vacuum annealing furnace has the following advantages:
1. A large fan device is installed in the furnace body to make the temperature in the furnace more uniform;
2. The electric furnace is controlled in multiple zones to further improve the uniformity of furnace temperature;
3. There is a stainless steel air duct in the furnace;
4. The opening and closing of the furnace cover adopts crane hoisting or automatic hydraulic opening and closing mechanism, and has a guide column to ensure the smooth opening and closing of the furnace cover;
5. Furnace cover and furnace body are made of high temperature resistant fiber cotton, the furnace body has good insulation performance, saves energy and reduces production costs;

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