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Better laboratory tube furnace manufacturer

  Kejia KJ series high-temperature tube furnaces for laboratory use have perfect performance design and a number of patents. The safety, reliability and practicability reach the best results.
1. The highest temperature is 1800℃

2. Adopting patented double furnace structure and special furnace roof construction technology, which not only has the characteristics of fast heating speed, but also has the characteristics of super high temperature without collapsing, and high temperature without ash; the inorganic fiber produced by vacuum forming technology is used as the furnace insulation material And special insulation design.

3. ZrB2 rods are set on both sides of the furnace, which is easy to replace.

4. The furnace body is a double-layer high-quality carbon steel shell, air circulation heat insulation, and the outer surface temperature is low.

5. SCR control, transformer adjustment, PID parameter self-tuning function, manual/automatic non-interference switching function, ultra-high temperature alarm function, temperature compensation and temperature correction functions. Optional power-off function when opening the door.

6. The heating speed is 0-20℃/min, the heating speed is fast, the energy consumption of the empty furnace is small, and the energy saving is more than 50%.

7. The temperature control precision is high, and the temperature control precision can reach ±1℃.

8. Various safety protection designs, good safety and long service life.

9. Patented appearance design, simple structure, elegant appearance.

Additional configuration:
1. Optional ordinary corundum tube and 99 corundum tube
2. Choose high-quality carbon steel electrostatic spraying or stainless steel type

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