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Which vacuum atmosphere experimental furnace is better?

      Kejia vacuum atmosphere experimental furnace original design, structural design with independent intellectual property rights to ensure the firing atmosphere. It can be used for firing ceramic materials in various atmospheres (air, H2, N2, He, Ar), and in special atmospheres Digital management of tube furnace product descriptions such as high temperature synthesis of inorganic powder, sample heat treatment, material performance testing, etc., automatic storage of firing information, which can be exported through the USB interface, and precise monitoring of equipment status and power consumption. It can be unattended throughout the day, no paper and pen recording is required, and it is fully controlled by the computer.
vacuum atmosphere experimental furnace
    Kejia atmosphere experimental furnace is easy to operate; low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency; high temperature control accuracy, good insulation effect; (advanced integrated temperature control technology, temperature control accuracy of ±1℃), vacuum atmosphere experimental furnace furnace type structure is simple, The model is complete, and the unconventional size can be customized according to user needs.

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