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The reason why the quenching temperature of the vacuum furnace does not rise

  What are the reasons why the quenching temperature of the vacuum furnace does not rise? Kejia Electric Furnace will analyze the specific reasons for you.
vacuum furnace
1. Firstly, check whether the heating relay in the control box is closed. If not, check whether there is a problem with the circuit or the relay. If it is sucked in, there may be a problem with the thermometer on the drying tower, and the temperature display is abnormal.

2. The fan in the electric control cabinet stops, causing the power supply to shut down. After a while, turn the power on again, then turn off the power supply, and change the fan. Just like the CPU in the computer case, it won't work when the temperature is high.

3. What is the normal degree? How long did it take to cause this problem? Have you communicated with the manufacturer? Generally, after-sales service is available. Even after the end of the sale, you can consult. Jumping off is also automatically after the alarm of the temperature controller or something. It may be a problem with the heating element, whether it is graphite, molybdenum or nickel chromium, measure the resistance value, and then the voltage regulator and the secondary voltage.

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