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Multi-station tube heating furnace capable of tilting and rotating

       Kejia KJ series multi-station rotary tube furnace, the furnace body structure is divided into two parts, the furnace body tube in the upper furnace can be turned 360°, and the lower part is the electric control part. The rotatable tube furnace adopts sealing flange sealing technology, and heat insulation plugs are added at both ends to improve the air tightness at both ends of the furnace tube.
Air inlet and outlet ports are installed on the flange to control the air flow. It is an ideal product for universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises for powder, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiments, and quality testing.
 multi-station rotary tube furnace
     The KJ series rotatable tube electric furnace can also be tilted and rotated to fully heat the material. The temperature of the fired product can be programmed to be connected to the computer. A special computer control system is used to complete the remote connection with a single or multiple electric furnaces. Control, real-time tracking, historical record, output report function.
1. Characteristic description of multi-station rotary tube furnace:
1.1 Temperature range of multi-station rotary tube furnace: ≤1700℃, the furnace tube with furnace can rotate 360 ​​degrees;
1.2 This tube furnace uses silicon carbide rods, silicon molybdenum rods or resistance wires as heating elements;
1.3 Adopting double-layer shell structure and 30-segment program temperature control system, phase-shifting trigger, SCR control;
1.4 The furnace is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber material, and the double-layer furnace shell is equipped with an air cooling system, which can quickly rise and fall in temperature. The furnace has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast rise and fall temperature, and energy saving;
1.5 Adopting international advanced technology, there are multiple tube furnace types such as single tube, double tube, horizontal, openable, vertical, single temperature zone, dual temperature zone, and three temperature zone;
1.6 It has safety and reliability, simple operation, high temperature control accuracy, good heat preservation effect, large temperature range, high furnace temperature uniformity, multiple temperature zones, optional atmosphere, vacuum furnace type, etc.
2. Product features of multi-station rotary tube furnace:
2.1 Energy-saving ceramic fiber materials and double-layer structure can reduce the surface temperature to normal temperature.
2.2 Long uniform temperature zone, easy operation, reliable sealing, high comprehensive performance index, and it is in the leading domestic level.
2.3 The furnace tube can be equipped with heat-resistant steel, quartz glass, corundum ceramics and other materials.
2.4 Optional: 30-segment programmable controller, optional RS-485 serial port (purchased separately) to realize computer communication.

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