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What is the difference between a 1200-degree box-type muffle furnace and a 1400-degree box-type muff

        Features of Kejia 1200℃ Box Muffle Furnace
1. Using vacuum forming technology, the electric furnace wire is inlaid on the inner surface of the ceramic fiber furnace, and the furnace inner bladder is formed once to prevent the heating element from being polluted by volatiles.
2. The electric furnace wire is set on the four sides of the furnace, and the special furnace wire surface treatment anti-corrosion technology.
3. The muffle furnace has thyristor control, PID parameter self-tuning function, manual/automatic non-interference switching function, programmable 30 time periods, which can meet the requirements of continuous constant temperature and temperature control. It has an automatic power-off protection design when the door is opened, an ultra-high temperature alarm function, and a built-in parameter password control function.
4. The heating speed of the muffle furnace is 0-20℃/min, the heating speed is fast, the energy consumption of the empty furnace is small, and the energy saving is more than 50%.
5. The box-type furnace has high temperature control accuracy, the display accuracy is ±1℃; the temperature value is less than 3℃.
6. A variety of safety protection design, in line with CE safety certification, with the function of opening the door and power off, good safety performance, long service life
Additional configuration of 1200℃ box-type muffle furnace:
1. Optional observation hole to observe the heating process changes in the furnace
2. Optional exhaust chimney
3. Optional carbon steel and stainless steel structure
4. Optional installation, commissioning and training
 Box Muffle Furnace
     The 1400°C box-type muffle furnace adopts a cycle operation type, which is used in laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, and scientific research units for small steel processing, metal, ceramic sintering, melting analysis, and high temperature heating.
Features of 1400 degree box-type muffle furnace: The box body is folded and welded with high-quality steel plates, and the surface is electrostatic sprayed. The furnace is sintered with high-temperature refractory materials. The furnace and the shell are filled with insulation materials.
The 1400 degree box-type muffle furnace uses silicon carbide rods as the heating element. It can be used with a controller to measure, display and control the temperature to keep the temperature in the furnace constant.

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