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The classification and specific operation of vacuum sintering furnace

       Vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for sintering metal powder products, metal injection-formed products, cemented carbide, ceramics, neodymium iron boron, stainless steel non-woven fabrics, etc. The structure of the high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace is basically the same as that of the vacuum heat treatment furnace, but the sintering process is appropriately changed.
Vacuum sintering furnace
     Vacuum sintering furnace is divided into double vacuum sintering furnace and single outdoor circulating pressurized air-cooled vacuum sintering furnace

     The dual vacuum sintering furnace has two identical sintering furnaces, sharing a set of vacuum system and electrical control system; during operation, the two furnaces are used for heating and cooling respectively, and they are used alternately. This furnace has the functions of debinding, pre-sintering and sintering in the same furnace at one time. The degreasing system includes external pipelines, vacuum valves, condensers, collectors and mechanical pumps.

     The single outdoor circulating pressurized air-cooled sintering furnace needs to be equipped with a vacuum unit with high vacuum and high pumping speed to meet the requirements of the NdFeB sintering process. The furnace structure is the same as the single outdoor circulating pressurized gas quenching vacuum furnace.

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