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Domestic high-quality vacuum tube furnace manufacturer

       Kejia vacuum tube furnace uses high-purity quartz tube or high-purity alumina tube as the furnace tube. The working temperature is between 800℃ and 1600℃. Customers can choose according to actual needs. The control system of this series of equipment is internationally leading. It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, simple operation, high temperature control accuracy, good heat preservation effect, high furnace temperature uniformity, and atmosphere vacuum. It is widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, Experiment and small batch production in industrial and mining enterprises.
 vacuum tube furnace
     The vacuum tube furnace uses imported silicon carbide rods as heating elements, adopts a double-layer shell structure and an intelligent program temperature control system, phase-shifting trigger, and thyristor control. The furnace adopts alumina polycrystalline fiber material, and the double-layer furnace shell is equipped with There is an air-cooled system, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature, and a vacuum device, which can be vacuumed through the atmosphere. The vacuum pump can be selected according to the vacuum degree required by the customer. The furnace has the advantages of balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall, energy saving . It is an ideal product for universities, scientific research institutes, and industrial and mining enterprises for high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere reduction, CVD experiments, and vacuum annealing.
     Kejia high temperature vacuum tube furnace is equipped with communication interface and software, which can directly control the various parameters of the furnace through the PLC computer, and can observe the display of the furnace temperature and the operation of the instrument from the computer, and the actual heating curve of the furnace will be drawn in real time The temperature data at each moment can be saved and can be recalled at any time.

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